In the Finest Hour Podcast

Ep67: The List-Writing Process

March 14, 2021

Being able to write a good list is one of the most fundamental aspects of playing Warhammer 40K; your list is the toolbox that you bring to the table, and so defines what it is you're capable of during a game. But contrary to what the internet may sometimes tell you, writing a list is much more than just choosing the six most efficient units and fielding as many of them as possible. So how do you go about approaching the process of writing- and rewriting- a list? In this episode, we talk about the process that the hosts use; where we start, how we make cuts, and how we analyze our lists for success or failure after a game. We also look at the sort of solutions you want to have access to, what to think about when considering balancing yourself against the meta, and the tradeoffs you'll have to make as part of the process. And, of course, we talk about the cardinal rule of list design: Boyz Over Toyz.

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