In the Finest Hour Podcast

Ep63:The Psychic Phase

February 8, 2021

While most players are pretty familiar with the different phases of the game, one stands out amongst the others as being a common tripping-up point- the psychic phase. Being that it is the most unusual of the phases (and the one that it's very possible to simply not participate in if you don't take the right units), it should be no surprise this is the case; however, psykers can unlock some incredibly powerful options for many armies and even if you don't use them yourself, it's pays to know how to fight them. This episode, we call on the collected psyker experience of all three hosts to talk about what to think about when you're considering adding a psyker, how to best counter enemy psykers, proper order of spellcasting, common pitfalls of using psykers, and why killing your enemy with mind bullets from five hundred yards is the cool new trend of 9E.

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