In the Finest Hour Podcast

Ep58: 3D Printing and Your Army

November 2, 2020

3D printing is a technology that has not only made immense strides over the past ten years but is also one that has the potential to completely change the way we look at our hobby in the future. Since both Shaylynn and Ben have significant experience with 3D printing, either professionally or as a hobby, this episode we talk about what 3D printing means for you in terms of making and converting models. We also discuss conversions and tournament policies, and how best to approach those issues if you have an army you're afraid might not be legal- and offer some guidelines on how to ensure you and your opponents both get a good experience from your army conversions. And to round things out, we take a look at where each of the hosts think that 3D printing is going in the near future as well as some thoughts on how the companies, the hobby, and the events we are all a part of might handle those changes.

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