In the Finest Hour Podcast

Ep55: Improving Your Community

September 27, 2020

Normally when we talking about improving as a competitive player, we talk about rules interactions, combos, decks, and that sort of thing. But there's another side to competitive play as well- that of the community you play in; after all, a game of 40K played solo is not going to be nearly as exciting! In this episode, we talk about why you should want to improve your community (apart from simple altruism, of course) and how that can benefit you as well as the multitude of ways you can do so. No matter what your skills and situation are, there's something you can contribute to bettering the game we play, whether that's time, expertise, money, or other resources, and it's through the efforts of other people doing the same that we've brought the game as far as we have.

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