In the Finest Hour Podcast

Ep41: Assessing Mission Packs

March 2, 2020

We are back! After a bit of a hiatus, Finest Hour is up and recording new episodes again, now with our brand-new cohost Ben Jurek. We dive right back into the thick of things, talking about how to approach a mission pack that you're unfamiliar with- what to look out for before the tournament when writing your list as well as little things to keep an eye on during your games as well as some of the gotchas that we find often ambush players who aren't careful enough.

In the second half of the episode we also talk about the new ITC mission packs for the 2020 season in particular, taking the things we've learned from the first part and applying them specifically to the new missions as well as hitting the highlights of what has changed in the new format and what we think the biggest shifts in the missions will be in terms of affecting the meta.