In the Finest Hour Podcast

Ep28: Attacker or Defender

June 17, 2019

It's not 4th Edition anymore, so missions no longer have a formally-declared "attacker" or "defender", but the struggle is still real- which one are you? Identifying your role during a game is paramount, as it determines whether you need to play aggressively or try to conserve your forces, whether you need to hedge your bets or swing wide, whether you need to aim for the long game or try to blow the opponent out before they can do anything. Misassessing your role can lead to an ignomious defeat, so you want to make sure to know which side of the fence you're on during games.

In this episode, we look at what the attacker and defender roles mean, how to tell which you are, and when the roles can reverse themselves (as well as what to do when that happens.) We talk about the tactical and strategic implications of being on both sides and give some specific examples of different matchups and how to explain each of them within this framework.

Plus, standing in for Josh this episode we have a very special guest, Justin Whitton of the Northwest Mercs. We also have the first of our Patreon-exclusive episodes up, an interview with some TOs with tips for running your first event; this special episode will eventually be posted for public listening, but supporters of the podcast get it ahead of time as a special bonus.

Music: Dankmus
Art: Rylan Woodrow
Our Patreon: In the Finest Hour
Directed by: Sean Morgan
Edited by: Shaylynn Allen

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