In the Finest Hour Podcast

Ep 36: Capital City Bloodbath Post-Tournament Analysis

September 2, 2019

First episode of its type, Josh and Shaylynn do an application episode where they talk about their latest tournament experiences and how to apply things brought up in previous episodes. Specifically Episode 24: Tournament Tips and Episode 32: Post-Tournament Tactics. This episode does feature both Josh and Shaylynn admitting to errors made in and out of their games, good stories, and answers some very thoughtful Listener (Patreons) Questions about general playing approach and advice. This episode offers a unique view into how the Hosts view tournament experiences personally and how insights can be found, even when you are getting thrashed with a 1-5 record. 

For disclosure purposes- the Tournament Organizer Group Canhammer invited all of In the Finest Hour to attend this event and was extremely accommodating. They were willing to set up a quiet table for Shaylynn (though it was not needed- the presence did a great deal to alleviate pressure). 

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