In the Finest Hour Podcast

Ep 35: Analyzing Mission Series: Maelstorm Missions

August 19, 2019

Starting off our examination of the ETC mission set to give our listeners context for what just went down in Europe and why its so important- we decided to hunker down and focus on the Maelstorm aspect of the missions themselves. Maelstorm has some unique features to be aware of when playing 40k and has a rising popularity. It is a system with faults and strengths and we examine all of it. While Sean was unable to join us this episode, we do feature Jason Byrd- a good friend of the show and Named Pacific Northwest Player. 

You can find out more about DOTS RPG here.

Music: Dankmus
Art: Rylan Woodrow
Our Patreon: In the Finest Hour
Directed by: Sean Morgan
Edited by: Shaylynn Allen